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What is the Cloud?

  • Cloud
  • 3 min read

Cloud Defined The Cloud or Cloud Computing is simply put the outsourcing of computing power traditionally maintained in a on premises data center. Rather than establish your own data center you can purchase the operations of a vendor’s data center. Those vendors are many these… 


  • Security
  • 3 min read

Hello and welcome to another weekly CISSP episode.  Today’s Objective is known as the CIA triad or AIC triad. Depends on what you read. Either way they mean the same thing. The C is for confidentiality, I for Integrity, and A for availability.  This objective… 

Introduction to the CISSP

Hello everyone and welcome to The Net Sys Admin.  I’m excited to introduce you to this new series I will be doing. As you can tell from the title this series has to do with the CISSP certification. The full name being Certified Information Systems Security Professional.  … 

renew ccna with ceu

How to renew your Cisco CCNA with CEUs

Under the old program, it required you to retake and pass one of the CCNA “associate” exams to renew your cert. The new Cisco certification track now allows you to complete CEUs (Continuing Education Units) for renewal. I bet you can guess which path I took for renewal.

renew ccna with ceu